Hayley elise

Cosplayer, presenter, performer, professional nerd.

Hayley elise

Cosplayer, presenter, performer, professional nerd.

About Me


Clementine Pennyfeather cosplay from Westworld Season 2, with horse

 Hayley Elise is a Sydney-based cosplayer and writer who grew up making fantastical costumes for herself and never really stopped. She's been cosplaying since she first discovered the hobby in 2007, and since then has travelled to conventions across Australia and internationally to shoot and show off her costumes, often as a featured guest. This eventually led to a career writing about cosplay and pop culture for various magazines and online publications.

Top image: Aleksander Photography. Above: Gamilia-


Yeliz, Hayley Elise, Vera Chimera, Major Sam and Lyz Brickley on a cosplay panel at Haven Expo 2017

Hayley is an experienced host, with experience in panels, cosplay events and all things geeky. She's trained with numerous appearances on TV, radio, podcasts and the stage. 

Pole Dance

Cosplay of Traci from Detroit: Become Human, holding a pole dancing move on a stage.

With three years training, and her costuming skills, Hayley creates visually stunning cosplay-themed pole dances, combining athleticism, grace and just a little comedy.

Image: Aleksander Photography

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Hayley Elise

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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